Scientists Reveal the Size of “The Big Idea”

Posted on Nov 3, 2015

adloids 0006 big-idea

CHICAGO — After years of speculation, the actual size of, “The Big Idea” has been revealed. Ad agencies have always searched for that “Big Idea,” but according to creative scientists, it shouldn’t be hard to find since it’s so big.

Pierce Preston, founder of “Advertising Scientists of America” (ASA) stated, “Imagine the sun plus the Earth plus the moon. That’s how big the ‘Big Idea’ is. Or approximately a diameter of 875,025.34 miles.” We asked him how this finding was made and he responded with this formula, “People in the world + E - ¾ × 1.583. It’s quite simple really.”

The revelation of size of “The Big Idea” will surely change the way creatives think and ideate. Now they know just how big they need to think in order to pull off the almost impossible and create a “Big Idea."

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