A Stone With Client-Controlling Powers?

Posted on Apr 21, 2016

22-client mind control-2

CHICAGO — CCO Nate Monadon from the Beacon Agency is searching for an ancient artifact with mind-controlling powers called, “Tatalia’s Stone.” He hopes to obtain the stone in order to control the minds of his clients. Monadon said this about his quest, “It’s extremely dangerous. But like all groundbreaking campaigns, one must take a risk. By making the client produce the work I want, Tatalia’s Stone will make me the most powerful creative on the planet.”

The legend dates back to 21 B.C. in what is now Guatemala around the tribe, “The Guats.” One of the tribeswomen, “Tatalia,” was forced to birth every man’s baby within the tribe. It is said, that on her tenth pregnancy, she did not give birth to a baby. Instead, she gave birth to a Stone. It was this Stone that gave her the power to control the minds of all the other tribesmen and women. She forced all the men to commit suicide and then crowned herself, “Queen of the Guats.” When she died years later, her Stone disappeared.

Thousands of years later, Monadon is hoping to find the Stone so that, like Tatalia, he too can become a legend — even if it is just in advertising.

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