Planner Gives Himself Disease to Create Brief For Drug

Posted on Nov 2, 2015

adloids 0000 planner-disease

NEW YORK — Two weeks ago at 9:24 am, strategic planner Daniel Miranda, got the diagnosis from his doctor that he had Hepatitis C. To his doctor’s surprise, Miranda replied with, “I know. I contracted it on purpose.”

Miranda found his creative briefs weren’t getting the job done when it came to creating effective ads for his client's Hepatitis C drug. They were lacking authenticity and realism that only someone with the disease could really understand. That’s why he made the extremely difficult decision to infect himself.

According to Miranda, the process of infecting himself wasn’t easy, “Finding a dirty needle from someone who actually had the disease was hard. I started hanging out with heroin-addicts in the East Village but then moved onto having unprotected sex with hipsters in Williamsburg. The latter option got the job done.”

After all that, he has yet to feel any of the symptoms for the disease, as the symptoms may take years to show up or may never show up at all. Thus, he still has no clue what it feels like to have Hep C, and his quest for an authentic Hep C drug brief continues.

WARNING: Do not infect yourself by any means necessary.

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