New App Electrocutes Designers Who Choose Overused Fonts

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

27 Zapp app

BERLIN — Overused fonts is a problem described by advertising scientists all over as, “Design’s Bubonic Plague.” However, German technology company, FontNacht, is developing a new app to help “cure” this design disease. The app is called “Z-APP,” which electrocutes designers when they use Proxima Nova and other overused fonts.

When Proxima Nova is used, 100,000 volts of electricity zap through their keyboard into their hands. No, it’s not a high enough level to deal any permanent damage, but it’s enough to stop bad design habits. Z-APP is still in its beta phase, but will soon be available to the public once it’s approved by the safety committees.

According to some sources, FontNacht is also in the process of developing a similar app for copywriters, which shocks them when they overuse the CTA, “Learn more.”

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