Scientific Study Concludes Ants More Creative Than Account People

Posted on Dec 12, 2018

24 creative ants

LAS VEGAS — Last week in Vegas, creatives from all over the world convened at the “C5 Conference” (The Creativity Conference for Creatives Creating Creative). Expert advertising scientist, Pierce Preston, delivered the keynote speech, which was about a study regarding the creativity of ants versus account people.

The fourteen month study asked account people to build something out of sand. Out of 1,384 participants, 1,105 made a small, basic sandcastle and the remaining 279 participants drew a picture of their client’s face.

Out of 1,384 ants in the study, every single one of them contributed to building an entire supercolony to sustain their future. Each one carried 100 times its weight to accomplish this feat.

Preston commented on the findings, “We were not tremendously dumbfounded account people were unoriginal. This level of unoriginality, however, was truly stunning.”

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