Design Agency Creates First Ever Invisible Font

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

adloids 0010 invisible-font

BROOKLYN — A small design agency in Brooklyn, “The Bashful Tree,” has created an invisible font named, “Visigone.” What good is an invisible font, you ask? Here’s what Britney Maypo, the founder of “The Bashful Tree,” had to say, “We wanted to create a font that guarantees you won’t infringe on the intellectual property of other fonts. We also feel that if brands used our font for their ads, they would never get into trouble for inappropriate, false or offensive statements.”

Visigone will cost you a hefty price of $10,000, however to Maypo, that’s a small price to pay, “A false advertising statement can cost your company millions of dollars in a lawsuit. $10,000 isn’t a lot when it can protect your company from facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

A sample of the Visigone font can be previewed below.

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