Deceased Ad Legend Sells Ad Space on Casket

Posted on Nov 1, 2015

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LOS ANGELES — Victor Hansfeld, creative ad legend, passed away at the age of 68 earlier this week due to heart failure. His last will and testament revealed he has one last big publicity stunt up his sleeve before he reaches the Pearly Gates. His will stated, “I, Victor Hansfeld, wish to have 25 ad spaces on my casket available for purchase. This will be my final accomplishment before I rest eternally.”

Going at $50,000 a pop, brands lined up for this honor. Beer brands, car brands, fast food brands, and even male enhancement brands, took up Hansfeld’s offer for some PR. Wayne Foley, PR coordinator from “Troutman’s Beer” commented, “While we’re sad to hear about the passing of Mr. Hansfeld, we’re thrilled to honor the wishes of his will. Our consumers understand what our beer stands for: celebration. And the passing of Mr. Hansfeld, is not a tragedy, it’s a celebration of his genius. Cheers."

Some of Hansfeld’s notable work was his breakthrough ad for “Cam” computers entitled “2084” in which it featured robots holding human brains saying, “Revolutionizing revolutionary revolutions.” He then went on to create an ad campaign for Fresh Air Deodorant, “Smell Odor-able.”

One ad space is left for purchase so hurry if you're interested.

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