Award Vending Machine Streamlines Award Season

Posted on May 12, 2016

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NEW YORK — With the invention of the Ad Award Vending Machine, anyone can become an award-winning creative, anytime of the year — even interns or the office dog.

The creator, Paul Zee, explained why he developed it, “No one in advertising has time. What they do have, is money. This is the solution to avoid creating case studies and filling out award applications.”

Creatives are lining up to get their hands on some gold with prices starting at $99.99. If you’re wondering if the awards are fake, they are in fact, the real deal. Zee stated, “The awards come from deceased creatives and from award-winning creatives who needed quick cash. We simply create a new plaque with your name on it.”

Many discredit the validity of someone who purchases an award though. Here’s how Zee responded, “Technically, you did earn the award because you earned the money that paid for the award.”

If you plan on visiting the vending machine, please have your cash, check, money order or credit card ready to keep the line moving.

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