Traditional Creative Director Rants “Digital Is Going Extinct”

Posted on Jun 21, 2016

31 digital extinct

NEW YORK — Dan Lathemews, a traditional creative director of twenty-one years, was recently called a T-Rex (Traditionalsauras Rex) by colleagues. Now he’s making the bold statement that digital is actually going extinct instead, not he.

Lathemews stated, “When you go underground on the subway with a newspaper, the newspaper doesn’t lose signal.” He went on to defend his position more, “So what if I thought a CTA was a pharma term? These kids don’t know what an ECU is!”

After producing over 89 TV spots, 43 radio spots and a record-holding 1,612 print ads, Lathemews believes traditional has lasted for so long that if it were meant to “die” it would’ve already, “Traditional cannot be compared to dinosaurs. Digital is the same as traditional, just in a different form. Banner ads are like TV ads and radio is like a podcast. Emails are direct mail. And guess what a Tweet is? Basically a print ad in 180 characters or less.”

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