Chewbacca Lady: Viral Video or Biological Warfare?

Posted on May 24, 2016

27 chewie lady

GRAND PRAIRIE — Chewbacca Lady has taken the ad world by storm with one of the most viral videos of all time. Kohl’s is thrilled by her unintentional endorsement of their store, however, competitors of Kohl’s are not. Apparently, they believe there’s a fine line between viral videos and biological warfare.

They’re accusing Chewbacca Lady of “biological warfare” and that the video’s highly contagious nature is detrimental to the well being of Americans. One of their lawyers stated, “Chewbacca Lady is a threat to national security and she must be stopped.”

Competitors of Kohl’s requested the FBI and CDC intervene to prevent the worst epidemic since the Bubonic Plague — or “Keyboard Cat.” The FBI and CDC have yet to respond.

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