Agency “DUI” Opens Its Doors

Posted on Dec 15, 2015


CHICAGO — Last month, ad agency “DUI” opened for business. At first glance, the name has a negative connotation, however, it’s founder Fred Rayson begs to differ.

“Delivering Unbelievable Ideas (DUI) is a publicity stunt. Nothing more, nothing less.” He stated in an interview. “So many ad agency acronyms stand for nothing more than a bunch of dead people’s names. We wanted something provocative that would attract attention.”

Many argue it’s attracting the wrong kind of attention though. President of "The Road Toward Safer Roads" remarked, “It sends the wrong message to people. It turns something that’s very serious into a slogan. Not okay.”

That’s not the whole story though. DUI’s client roster only consists of alcoholic beverages. When we asked Mr. Rayson about this, he said, “Sure, our agency’s name is DUI, and yes, we primarily serve alcoholic beverage companies. However, I don’t drive people to drink...when they drive.”

Next week, the agency is pitching automobile companies.

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