Ad Agency Acronym Crisis Continues

Posted on Nov 4, 2015

adloids 0009 ad-crisis

RICHMOND — Today, ad agency XY&Z opened its doors to become one of the last remaining available acronyms for ad agencies. This adds to the acronym shortage crisis in advertising.

“Extreme measures need to be taken,” Jennifer Ventura, CCO of XY&Z commented. “It’s a serious problem, and this acronym shortage threatens the classic convention of acronym ad agency names."

The best copywriters across the globe are joining forces to brainstorm a solution to solve this catastrophe. One of those writers, Greg Wayley, is optimistic though, “Sure, we all love having an acronym as a name. But we can move past that model to develop more creative agency names like, ‘52 and Rainy,’ the weather patterns of Portland. We’ve also been researching new naming methods like word combinations. For example, ‘Brave Creatives’ could become, ‘Bravtives.’ This technology is far from perfect, and requires more money in an SOW to develop this technique.”

One thing is for sure though, with the acronym drought dripping every last letter, time is quickly running out.

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