Adloids: Back by Highly Unpopular Demand

Posted on Apr 19, 2019

36 adloids-back

NEW YORK — After a long, two-year, eight month, 24 day, 5 hour, 31 minute, and 47 second hiatus, Adloids has returned due to extremely unpopular demand. Inexplicably, people have continued to follow Adloids even when there was nothing to follow. There have even been new “likes” when there is nothing to like—literally. For this reason, Adloids is giving the people what they want, which is...well, we’re not quite sure.

Adloids covered highly controversial news like the study that found ants to be more creative than account people. It also brought you high-profile stories like the creation of award season vending machines, and even the capture of the infamous Kerning Killer.

Now, Adloids is presently looking toward the future by acknowledging the past, and moving forward into a new chapter. Soon, it will be polluting your Facebook feeds, tweeting sweet nothings, and making you insta-offended on Instagram. So keep an eye out for everything Adloids has in store for you creatives, strategists, account people (our favorites), and everyone else, in this crazy world we call, “advertising.”

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