13 Tips to Avoid Bad Luck on Friday the 13th

Posted on Nov 13, 2015

adloids 0010 Friday-13th

We all know about black cats and walking under ladders, but how do you avoid bad luck in the ad industry on Friday the 13th? Now you’ll know:

1. Make loud animal noises during client meetings to ward off evil spirits (and clients).
2. Before you print out your SOW, say a prayer to the printer. Otherwise, it’ll print out the face of a Demon.
3. If dogs are allowed in your office, make sure they claim their territory on you so account people can’t claim you for the weekend.
4. Insist an intern sips your coffee before you do in case a rival agency had it poisoned.
5. If a conference room is double-booked, give it to the other PM so you can acquire ad karma.
6. Don’t look at your reflection on your computer screen.
7. Take a raincheck for brainstorms … creatives are 83% less likely to be productive on this notorious day.
8. Do not schedule meetings at 1PM … it’s the 13th hour in the day, and therefore, the witching hour for business.
9. Pour salt and sage on your computer to make sure it doesn’t crash.
10. Hide in the IT department closet (no one wants to go there anyway.)
11. If your CD asks you, “What do you think?” simply reply, “Thoughts.” CD's appreciate sarcasm 67% more on this day.
12. Avoid NSFW articles during lunch. Your CEO will be behind you.
13. If a PSI file becomes corrupted, delete it immediately before your computer becomes possessed, hacks your life and drives you to suicide.

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